How to Organize Your Office Space for Maximum Productivity

Whether you’re working in a private office, shared office, or home office, your productivity depends totally on the environment. Your job will be negatively affected if your office is not organized properly. Learning how to organize office space and actually carrying out the required tasks can seem like a daunting task at times. The good news is that there are some well-organized New York City offices spaces readily available and affordable. Now you can enjoy working in a conducive environment.

The following is a guide on exactly how to organize your office space for a better, more organized work environment that allows for maximum productivity:

Start with Cleaning Out Your Office Space

To begin organizing your office space, you’ll need to begin with cleaning out every extra thing that is causing clutter including unnecessary papers, files, and supplies. Without removing the useless things, you cannot create extra space for the essential things needed for your work environment. This task may take several hours or even an entire day – but in the end, you’ll be able to enjoy a clutter-free office space.

Catch-it Region

Make a “catch-it region” somewhere in your office where you can place your extra things like documents, jackets, umbrellas, briefcases and even the trash. Your catch-it area must contain:

  • A shelf on which you can place important documents and books
  • Hooks for hanging your umbrella, jacket or other wearable stuff
  • A dustbin for waste materials
  • Tray for placing extra papers

Clear Your Office Desk

Always keep your desk clean by getting rid of any excess. An excellent way of achieving this is by putting a dual tray on your desk. Scattered papers on the desk make a wrong impression to visitors in your office. Putting a double-tray on your desk is the best and simplest way for handling such papers in your office.

Double-trays help organize your office in the following ways:

  • Tray 1 for new papers/documents which are to be read by you
  • Tray 2 for the old papers/documents which you already have read or processed

Double Zoned Office Space

Make two separate zones in your office, one for the computer related work and the other region for the work that doesn’t require computers. Also, put physical items into drawers. These may include your mobile phone charger, laptop charger, tapes, headphones, and webcams.

Always associate your office organization strategies with your personal efficiency system. Each plan you choose requires great effort and time. To get the best New York City office space that is organized properly and free of clutter, extensive research is mandatory.