Designing the Right Office Space for Everyone’s Needs

The perfect example of designing the right office space layout

When you open up your new office space in New York, remember that everyone has different needs when it comes to working, accessing, and using the space. Office managers and interior space designers need to consider the emotional, physical and mental needs of the employees who will be using the space. Here are a few ways to ramp up the usability of any space:


Many people, including younger ones, are vision impaired to some degree. People like this often require more light than others to work comfortably. The light helps their eyes to make out letters and shapes that they need to avoid straining their eyes. Natural lighting in abundance is of course the best solution, but in the absence of available natural light, such as an interior office, plenty of overhead and task lighting needs to be available.

Personal Space

Employees should be able to claim enough personal space so they feel they have privacy and can arrange items around them that enable them to feel good and work well. As cubicles get smaller and space designers opt for open space designs, the importance of personal space is often forgotten. However, it’s critical for a sense of emotional well-being that employees feel they can claim a reasonable amount of space around them as their own.

New York City office space designers can help by providing optional separators or modular cubicles that will enable employees to adjust their work areas as desired. Most office spaces for rent in New York City have very flexible floor layouts that allow for an almost infinite number of layout possibilities.

Fresh Air

The EPA has reported that indoor air is typically five times more toxic than outdoor air. It’s crucial to everyone’s health in the office to allow some fresh air in every now and then. Of course, offices in high-rises in New York City can’t be expected to throw open the windows to let a warm spring breeze in. But there are air purifiers on the market that can be positioned around the office to help remove toxins from the air that employees breathe. Those offices that are on the ground floor should certainly make it a practice to open the windows on temperate days and get the fresh air circulating in a healthy way.

When office managers and interior office space designers take these things into consideration, everyone can enjoy an optimal work environment in the Big Apple. Bevmax Office Centers have several office space locations in NYC that could be perfect for your business – get in touch today.