Refresh Your Office Setup this New Year

The right office layout can have as much of an impact on productivity than the kinds of equipment you have or the employees you hire. A layout optimized for your business and workforce makes it easier to stay on task and to easily move from one workstation to the next. Whether you’re based in Midtown West, the Plaza District or Tribeca/Soho, you can use these tips to refresh your New York City office space setup to get more done in 2017.

Remove all Clutter

Clutter is bad for just about everything and everyone. Not only does it make it difficult to move about the office and find material, but it actually negatively impacts employee productivity as well. A cluttered office space has been showed to distract and reduce worker output. So clear out what you can this new year ready for a fresh start. Go digital whenever possible and downsize physical material in the office. A minimalist look can greatly help the office.

Change the Lighting

This area is often overlooked yet it is one of the most important elements of your workspace. Did you know inferior lighting can cause headaches, eyestrain, fatigue and even develop irritability? Overly dark work areas can even lead to depression. So situate desks near to natural light and leave your windows open when possible.

Adjustable Chairs

If employees are not comfortable, they are not going to put in their best effort. Invest in adjustable chairs that are ergonomic and will mean your employees don’t have back and neck strain by the end of the year. This way, everyone can alter their seating to best fit their height and needs. This minor investment can go a long way to boosting office productivity.

Consider Unassigned Workstations

The ability to sit in different work areas helps the brain stay focused as it keeps the brain on its toes. When you sit in the exact same location every single day, the brain wanders. It is like performing an exercise. If you perform the same exercise every day, the body becomes used to it and you don’t squeeze as much out of the workout. However, if it is changed up every day, the body doesn’t know what to expect. You need to keep the brain guessing, so if at all possible, allow either unassigned workstations or make it possible to work in different rooms of the office.