5 Reasons Freelancers Should Consider Renting Office Space

It may seem like renting an office is a needless luxury for the average contractor, who can work as well from a home office as anywhere else, but the idea deserves thorough consideration. Many find they ultimately come out ahead on the transaction, in profit, well-being, or other metrics. Here are just a few of the reasons you may benefit from the investment:

Benefits of a Freelancer Renting Office Space

1. Image

A home office may offer all the functionality you need, but how does it look to potential clients, business partners, or investors? It leaves a better impression to meet people at a well-organized office than at home, no matter how nice your home may be.

2. Networking

Office space sits alongside other office space, in most cases. This means operating out of an office gives you opportunities to network with other professionals. It also makes it far easier for an interested party to seek you out on a whim.

3. Focus

When you work out of a rented office space, you work at that office space. A home office offers too many opportunities to get distracted, go snacking, procrastinate, and otherwise not work. With an office space, once you’re at work you’re at work—it’s far easier to stay productive under such circumstances.

4. Work/Life balance

It’s far easier to leave work at work and home at home if the two locations don’t overlap. Sure, you can still check your emails from home or receive text messages at work, but for many just the illusion of separation works wonders.

5. Psychological benefits

Getting out of the house can become a rare occurrence for some contractors, which isn’t always great for keeping a good mood and mindset. Going out to the office, seeing the sun and your office space neighbors, and keeping work away from home all carry benefits worth the investment.

Of course, not every freelancer needs every benefit on this list. Some may still find their home office a comfier fit for their needs and wants. But for many, renting an office can mean the difference between middling success and breaking through to the next level. Consider where you stand, what you might gain, and how satisfied you really are with your current arrangement.