7 Services You Might Use to Your Advantage with a Virtual Office

Are you considering a virtual office to improve your professional image or for the many conveniences one can offer, but are not entirely sure what it may entail? While every virtual office provider differs slightly, there are a number of services you might leverage to make the most of your virtual office.

1) Remote receptionists

A team or individual working for the virtual office provider would work remotely to provide the same services a traditional receptionist would provide in a normal office environment. They are immensely useful both in establishing your professional credentials and in keeping incoming communications organized.

2) Answering services

Many virtual offices either work in concert with or fully integrate with answering services or call centers, to help field large volumes of incoming calls. If you need to provide full customer support for a product while working primarily out of a home office, this is an excellent compromise. It can be best to work with a virtual office in these cases as you ensure a more professional image.

3) Virtual assistants

If you require a full assistant, working with one either provided by the virtual office provider or hired independently can be a very effective option for someone generally working from a home office.

4) Address services

Depending on the virtual office you work with and the services you require, you may gain access to a professional address in a reputable area purely as a branding measure, or with full mailing address functionality.

5) Envelope scanning

Some virtual office services include open envelope scanning, in which a trusted handler opens mail, scans contents for users to access, and shreds the original physical copy for privacy.

6) Reception

Many virtual offices offer full reception services, including receipt and signature for various deliveries. Some keep witnesses and notaries on-site for even broader reception options.

7) Shared office spaces

While not every virtual office offers access to physical office space, many do either as an included or additional service. If you need to meet clients, partners, or investors in a professional setting despite doing most of your work from home, this can be an excellent solution.

If you’d like to find out more about these and other virtual office services, or to ask about establishing a virtual office in New York, contact us today.