Two Quirky Additions to Your Manhattan or New York City Office Space

These two ideas are presented with a touch of humor, but they do have a practical purpose – to help you accomplish more during your working day. So, let’s start with your…

What On Earth Drawer

This idea can also quickly be adapted to handle online communications. Here’s the starting premise: each day you receive vital communications and you know how to use, keep or respond to them. That’s fine. But then, there’s all the rest where you think: ‘What am I actually meant to do with this?’ or, ‘will I ever actually need this?’

Time can then be wasted in thinking, investigating, deciding and reconsidering. Unless there is an obvious urgency, here’s a simple solution. Make one drawer in your desk where you can throw the material in until either you come to the point where you find you do actually need it, or someone else asks you about it and prompts you to take some action.

Every now and then, when your drawer is almost full, take out the bottom handful – and dispose of it!

Vital Timer Tools

You know how people come over to your desk, or into your office and say: ‘Got a minute?’ or ‘can you give me three or four minutes?’ Well, how much more of your time than that do they actually end up using?

The solution? Invest in a few cheap devices, such as a stopwatch, shifting sands egg-timer, oven timers, or whatever works best for you. Then, when someone asks for time, set your device to the length they’ve requested, set it down, smile and say: ‘Okay, how can I help?’

Now, this should be a fairly light-hearted exercise. However people will soon get the message that you’re helpful but that your time is also valuable!

And, finally, one thing never to have…

An empty chair within easy reach! This encourages people to instantly sit down – and then they’ll take at least twice as long to stand up!

These three fun points also provide you with methods of making the best use of the time you spend in your New York City or Manhattan office. What other tricks or tips can you suggest? Comment your ideas below!