3 Ways a Good Virtual Office Can Get You Better Clients

A good virtual office can open a lot of doors that would otherwise remain closed—and not just because of the occasional client who cares more about the location of your office than the services you offer. No, the benefits of a virtual office are a lot more tangible, a lot more repeatable, and a lot more valuable than you may realize. Here are three that will consistently provide you with more and better clients:

Better branding

This is one of the biggest ones to consider—don’t write it off as a superficial benefit. When a client calls your Manhattan office space, gets a receptionist, and is directed to an assistant or a voicemail, it actually leaves a far better impression than calling your cell phone and leaving the exact same message—at least, it does if you respond quickly. You can leverage the image of high-end professionalism to acquire high-end clients who wouldn’t feel comfortable working with a freelancer otherwise. It’s all smoke and mirrors, but it’s smoke and mirrors that will make you a lot of money.


Receiving everything at your home office greatly limits you, especially if you ever need to relocate or change the way you do business. By introducing the flexibility of a virtual office space to your business, you can actually work to provide a more consistent, reliable service to your clients and prospects. That means you retain more clients and pick up better ones easier.

Superior customer service

A well-equipped virtual office can offer a huge improvement to your customer service—from little details like receptionist services to full-blown call center services, you can have it all integrated into a virtual office to produce a seamless experience for callers. When people like the experience they receive when they call for help, they tell their friends and acquaintances good things about you. That adds up to more money in your pocket.

As you can see, there’s a lot of reasons to consider a virtual office space, especially one set up in a good area—and these are far from the only benefits. A good office, virtual or not, can also improve your ability to attract business partners and investors, help you get focused, and so on and so forth. Improving your clients is merely a fraction of the benefits you stand to gain.