How to Set Up Your Office to Get More Done

So you have just acquired your new Manhattan office space and are ready to get to work. Not so fast. It is time to set up your workspace, and it won’t be as easy as you think. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Appraise your needs honestly

What do you need your office space to be? Work can be performed anywhere, but an office must be a place dedicated especially to the type of work you do. What will be your hard-copy filing requirements? What types of equipment can you not do without? Where are the power outlets located and how can you situate work areas to take advantage of their proximity? You would be surprised how much planning something as simple as office layout will affect your work in the future.

Utilize space economically

Think of space in economic terms. You are probably paying by the square foot, so get your money’s worth. While it may be tempting to equip the office with huge h-shaped desks, is that really required for daily tasks? Are cubicles the best use of space? Is it more effective for workers to share space at open work tables and exchange ideas while they go about their tasks rather than sending each other emails from 10 feet away? Do you really need to have that meeting room when it could be a copy room or a break room? Make decisions that save or share space rather than waste space.

Simplify the space

An office doesn’t need to be fancy or complex. Make the work area as simple and utilitarian as you can manage, doing away with decorations or flourishes that require care or distract from work. If there are simple touches that can brighten up the office without taking away from a productive environment, don’t hesitate to add them but, in general, less is more. Do it right and you will find it to be a productive space where you will accomplish tasks with ease, but a few wrong steps and it becomes a dismal mess that you will despise opening the front door every day.


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