The Best Productivity Apps for 2018

The best FREE productivity apps for business productivity in 2018.

Have you come across the concept of the “whirlwind”? Even if you haven’t heard the term (which was coined in The Four Disciplines of Execution), you almost certainly know the feeling. As a business owner, you know the constant swirl of to-dos and competing priorities. You know that in order for your business to thrive, you need to get on top of that whirlwind so that you can make space for pursuing your larger goals.

Top 6 FREE Productivity Apps
for Business Owners

Luckily, these days there’s a wide market of business productivity apps to help you maximize your time and get more organized with your work. Here we share some of the best productivity apps of 2018. These free apps were designed to help business owners manage both the everyday to-do’s and get to grips with strategic priorities.

1. Asana

Business productivity app

PAID VS. FREE: Free App, with Premium ($9.99 per month) and Enterprise models available.


Asana is a project management and team collaboration tool. Using its powerful interface, you can set up projects, tasks, and deadlines, and assign milestones to members of your team. The collaborative nature of Asana allows you and your team to chart progress, give updates, share files and deliverables, and see “the big picture.” Asana also offers powerful reporting to help you see where you’re on track and which areas need more attention.

2. Google Drive

Best productivity apps in 2018

PAID VS. FREE: Free app for individuals. A range of paid options are available for business owners, including Basic ($5 per user/month); Business ($10 per user/month); Enterprise ($25 per user/month).


Google Drive lets you move your business to the Cloud. All of your files and work become accessible through Google’s easy-to-use interface — meaning you can now work anywhere. With excellent mobile app options, you can now review reports as you take your morning commute or check in on a client’s financial reports as you move between meetings. Google Drive also lets you share with your team, and update documents in real-time.

3. RescueTime

Apps for business productivity

PAID VS. FREE: Free app, with premium versions available at $9 per month.


Most of us have had that experience of getting hopelessly distracted online. You log into Facebook to check a competitor’s feed, and before you know it you’ve fallen down the rabbit hole and wasted precious time you didn’t have. If you’re prone to being distracted by digital noise, RescueTime can keep you accountable. This business productivity app tracks where you’re spending your time, helps you set goals, and sends you weekly reports on how you’re measuring up. The premium version of the app allows you to go a step further and block those distractions altogether.

4. Evernote

Best productivity apps for business owners

PAID VS. FREE: Free app, with paid versions available. Plus ($39 per year) and Premium ($69.99)


Evernote allows you to sync notes across your devices. The deceptively simple app can be used in a variety of ways. Build your to-do lists and carry them with you everywhere you go. Clip important articles or content from the web and save it to your notebook to review later. Use your camera to capture receipts to stay on top of your business expenses. Store prospects business cards in your Evernote, and never lose lead details again. The productivity app can fit around your business needs with ease.

5. Streak

Best business productivity apps in 2018

PAID VS. FREE: Free app for personal users. Premium version offered include: Professional ($49 per user/month) and Enterprise ($99 per user/month)


Every business owner knows keeping customers happy is the key to success — and that keeping customers happy can take time. Streak is a CRM app that integrates with Gmail and Google Apps to help you maximize your time. The app for business productivity lets you easily identify leads, active clients, and manage your pipeline — and to share pipelines with your team.

6. Slack

Best work productivity apps for small business

PAID VS. FREE: Free app, with premium versions available: Standard ($6.67 per user/month) and Plus ($12.50 per user/month)

OPERATING SYSTEM AVAILABILITY: Web, Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, Windows Phone.

Let’s face it: email is often too slow and too crowded to keep up with the pace of your day. If you suffer from inbox overload, Slack can help you and your team communicate and coordinate more effectively. Set up channels for anything: from private project channels to company-wide watercooler channels. Within channels, you can use Slack as a collaborative workspace, sharing images, PDFs, and files into the chat. The business productivity app also lets you filter notifications so you don’t end up being distracted by unnecessary information.

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