How to Get the Most Out of Your Executive Suite Membership

When choosing a coworking membership at Bevmax Office Centers, you have a few options. Our virtual office plan is the most cost-effective option and can provide you with basic business necessities like a corporate address, a telephone line, and a receptionist. But when you need a place to hold private meetings with clients or take conference calls, the executive suite membership has the most amenities and is still cheaper than renting your own office space.

If you opt for the executive suite membership, it’s important to get the most out of it so you don’t waste money. We provide various services for your benefit and each one can improve your business operations. With the reminders below, you can ensure you’re getting your money’s worth.

Use the Receptionist for Security

The receptionist at Bevmax Office Centers is an amenity offered regardless of what membership you purchase. The receptionist can check guests in for meetings and make you feel more secure when using your executive suite membership. The reception desk can also receive your mail and faxes when you’re out of the office. Having a reception desk provides free assistance, which is a great perk of a coworking space. If you were to have your own office space, you would have to hire someone to fill this role.

Hold Meetings in Conference Rooms

The benefit of upgrading to an executive suite membership is that you receive access to private meeting rooms for conference calls or in-person meetings with guests of your choice. Working remotely is challenging when your clients and coworkers are virtual, so this feature can give you a place to host others in person and discuss business matters face-to-face. If you want to get the most out of your executive suite membership, schedule meetings in these conference rooms up to six hours per month.

Take Breaks When Not Working

Bevmax provides break rooms for members to use when they aren’t actively working. These break rooms are great spaces for your clients to wait while you’re busy finishing up tasks. There’s also kitchen space and coffee machines that you can use when you want to spend lunch in your coworking space or pull late nights.

Enjoy the Private Office Space

With an executive suite membership, you have access to private office space up to three days per month. In addition to these days, you can work in the communal space on any other day of the month. Making sure you use your private office days is important because these days can boost your productivity and ensure you don’t waste the money you’ve spent on your upgraded membership.

Network in the Common Space

If your goal while coworking is to build your client base and expand your business, then you can use the common space to make connections with other coworkers. Working in this area is a great way to meet like-minded individuals and share your services without feeling overbearing. When you make connections with others and allow them to share their work with you as well, you’ll feel good about your growing contact list.  

Use the Provided Office Amenities

At Bevmax, we provide an array of office amenities. Some of these amenities include administrative support, technical support, expanded telephone answering services, high-speed internet, high-volume color copying, delivery services, mail delivery, daily office cleaning, and fully furnished office spaces.

The convenience of our amenities makes it easy to run a remote business the way you see fit.

You may initially feel hesitant to purchase an executive suite membership, but once you realize the value it provides, the monthly fee will seem minimal. If you have further questions about what’s included in our various membership options, you can reach out to us by emailing or by calling 212-710-0500.