10 Tips for Securing Your Coworking Space

Coworking spaces have many benefits for remote employees, independent contractors, and entrepreneurs. These pre-established office spaces allow working professionals to purchase memberships most suited to their lifestyle and take advantage of the office amenities and community atmosphere without investing in long-term space.

Depending on the coworking membership you purchase, you may have space to work at a shared table, a first-come first-serve desk, or a private office space of your choosing. Most coworking spaces prioritize coworking security using cameras and other precautions, but if your belongings and the work you do is sensitive, then these tips can further secure your belongings while coworking.

1. Password Protection

Password protection for your laptop and other electronic devices should be a no-brainer. By adding passwords to your devices, you’ll keep strangers from accessing your information. While you may not think you have sensitive information on your devices, there are likely places on your computer or phone where others can find your bank data.

3. Shred Sensitive Documents

Depending on the type of work you’re involved in, shredding the documents you work with once you’re finished with them can be smart. This will keep nosy individuals from looking through the trash and seeing confidential information about you or your company. Some coworking spaces provide paper shredders for you. If they don’t, you can keep a pocket shredder with you or bring your sensitive documents home to shred.

4. Front Desk Services

When choosing a coworking space, it’s important to find one that cares about coworking security. Having front desk services makes all the difference in feeling secure while you work because the front desk will monitor who comes and goes.

5. Use Cloud Software

Cloud software, like the Google Cloud, is a great way to increase coworking security while working. When you know that the Cloud is saving your documents, you’ll feel at ease working in any environment. If the Internet shuts down or someone hacks the system, your documents will be safe.

6. Privacy Screens

If you feel uncomfortable with the idea of others watching you while working, you can bring a portable privacy screen. There are also privacy screens for your laptop that make your screen appear black to onlookers. A privacy screen can make you feel more comfortable working in a public place so you can worry about your work and not your surroundings.

7. Physical Locks

You’ll likely have a few items with you when you venture off to your coworking space. These may include a backpack to hold your laptop or a purse. Securing these items with locks may deter others from taking them and going through them if you lose track of them while working.

8. Encrypt Data

If your work is sensitive, then encrypting your data may be worth it. When you encrypt your data, no one can access the information on your computer without knowing the encryption code. When they try to access or hack your computer, everything will be illegible. Encryption increases coworking security by protecting you and the company you work for from any potential threats.

9. Turn Off Public Sharing and Airdrop

Airdrop is a public sharing option on iPhones that allows individuals to send data instantly when in the same location. If you’re in a coworking space, it’s important to turn off Airdrop and other public sharing options so others can’t send you data and you don’t accidentally send data to them. By keeping your Airdrop on, you open up an unprotected gateway to your device.

9. Be Mindful of Your Belongings

One of the most important tips to increase coworking security is to be mindful of your belongings. It may seem like common sense, but when coworking, you’re in an open and unprotected space. Anytime you leave your personal items unattended, there’s a risk that others can tamper with them. Unless you can trust someone else to watch your items, you need to keep your belongings with you.

10. Upgrade Your Membership

Coworking spaces are usually very safe. The people who rent coworking space are professionals focused on their own work, not others. However, if you want to prioritize coworking security, then you can upgrade your membership.

With an upgraded membership, you’ll have a locked office that no one else can access. This can promote productivity because security won’t be on your mind. To discuss membership options with our team in New York City, reach out to Bevmax Office Centers.