5 Professions That Thrive in Coworking Spaces

When determining whether a coworking membership is right for you, a good place to start is to assess your profession and the tasks required of you. If you’re a musical performer, for example, it may be difficult for you to practice your vocal scales in a coworking space. All jokes aside, most individuals can benefit from coworking if they don’t have office space available to them.

Whether you’re a business owner, an independent contractor, or an entrepreneur, a coworking membership can save you money. If you spend a good portion of your time working from home but think you could benefit from office amenities a few days a week, then this could be the right set up for you. We’ve listed five professions that thrive in coworking spaces, and if your job isn’t on this list, it’s possible that your job has similar qualities.

1. Lawyers

Some lawyers have large office suites that take up full floors of high-rise buildings. With hundreds of lawyers coming in each day, having a designated space makes sense. Clients can visit the firm and meetings can happen there. While this model isn’t completely outdated, modern firms are saving hundreds of thousands of dollars on office space and embracing the remote model. By doing so, they can offer their clients much more, such as traveling to meet them where they’re located.

A coworking space can be an excellent set up for a team of lawyers because they’re often traveling for important business matters. Lawyers may need to meet in person to go over classified information with each other or with clients. While the virtual model works best for day-to-day work, the coworking setup is a great way to schedule occasional conferences.

2. Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur is a blanket term used to describe anyone involved in multiple business matters. An entrepreneur may own many businesses or be in the business of buying and selling property. Whatever they do, their ultimate goal is to make money. Entrepreneurs rarely have a long-term office space because they’re always on the move. Coworking spaces work well for this profession because these people have an array of different clients in large metropolitan areas.

Entrepreneurs must present themselves as high-level professionals, so meeting their clients in a clean and well-presented office space is important. Entrepreneurs will appreciate the ability to hop in and out of their coworking space when they’re in town, and it can help them get work done more efficiently.

3. Financial Executives

Another high-level professional that will likely thrive in a coworking space is the financial executive. Whether a financial advisor or an accountant, these individuals work with numbers and with people day in and day out. While these employees may have a company firm, they may also work remotely or as independent consultants. Having a structured set up is essential so they can show their professionalism to clients and focus on the detail of their work. It’s important for these individuals to get the numbers right for their clients if they hope to make money for themselves, so having a quiet place where they can focus is key.

4. Tech Professionals

Tech professionals have a heads-down job, so much of their work only requires a computer. Most tech jobs are remote, and these employees may be happy working from the comfort of their home. But with too much time spent focused on coding, tech professionals can feel isolated. Coworking space can help tech professionals feel less lonely and help them thrive in a more traditional working environment.

5. Creatives

Creatives of all kinds can thrive when working in a coworking environment because these professionals enjoy bouncing ideas off one another. Whether you’re a graphic designer, a writer, or involved in some other creative profession, a coworking space can spark creativity. You may try booking a conference room with a group of other creatives and using this space to brainstorm together.

Coworking space has many uses for many types of professionals. While it’s better suited for some than others, the opportunities are endless for you to thrive when you get out of your comfort zone and surround yourself with other motivated individuals. If you live in New York City and would like to learn more about our coworking space, reach out to us at Bevmax Office Centers.