The Difference Between Bevmax and WeWork

Bevmax Office Centers are one of New York City’s most prestigious coworking environments. Although there is a wide variety of coworking spaces available to New Yorkers, Bevmax has several amenities apart from other popular coworking spaces, such as WeWork. 

Both Bevmax and WeWork have beneficial features that a worker may be seeking in a workspace. However, each coworking environment is unique in its way, and you may prefer one type of environment over the other. This article will provide a breakdown of the differences between Bevmax Office and WeWork. 

Read on to find out which coworking space is best for you and what exactly sets Bevmax Office Centers apart from the rest.

Benefits of Bevmax Office Centers

Luxurious Office Space

Professional workers love the environment of Bevmax Office Centers. At Bevmax, you’ll find prestigious offices with fashionable and contemporary décor. Whether you choose to rent a private office or a coworking space, Bevmax always provides clean and classy surroundings within your workspace. The workspaces of Bevmax are designed to encourage productivity and inspiration.

Attentive In-House Staff

Bevmax Office Centers provide administrative support such as typing or making copies for workers who have their hands full with other tasks. Professionals can rely on the highly attentive staff at Bevmax to tend to their needs. Bevmax also offers a telephone answering and reception service for members. 

Exclusive Environment for Professionals

When working at Bevmax Office Centers, you can expect an environment designed exclusively for professionals. Bevmax does not provide the casual environment that can be found at other coworking spaces. Members can trust that Bevmax will always offer a high-class workspace for professionals to focus on projects.

Starbucks Coffee

Members of Bevmax Office Centers have unlimited access to free Starbucks Coffee while in the building. The coffee is consistently brewed fresh and served hot. There is also a wide variety of refreshments offered to non-coffee drinkers.

Continental Breakfast

One of the best perks offered by the Bevmax Office Centers is the continental breakfast. Workers can save time by grabbing breakfast without having to leave their workspace. Bevmax Office Centers also provides updated kitchen space for workers to store or prepare their food.

Differences Between Bevmax and WeWork

WeWork provides a work environment that is well-known for being laid-back and casual. Workers who prefer a less professional and more relaxed workspace tend to flock to WeWork. Statistics have shown that millennials are especially drawn to WeWork, and there are lower percentages of older professionals utilizing the WeWork space. 

While WeWork offers affordable and clean office space for people seeking a coworking environment, it can lack the professionality and prestige that some professionals seek in a coworking space. 

A high-class professional with powerful clients may struggle to find their groove in a rambunctious and social-based environment such as WeWork. Artists and freelancers tend to thrive at WeWork, but the space isn’t geared towards everyone.

Bevmax is more designed for professionals seeking a luxurious and high-class workspace free of distractions. While some workers prefer the community-driven environment of WeWork, many professionals want a coworking space that reflects their work.

Both Bevmax and WeWork provide updated and fashionable workspaces, but the difference lies in the shared atmosphere created by the types of workers in each environment. WeWork is more social and facilitates connecting with others and collaboration. Bevmax provides an inspiring, prestigious space that focuses on professionality over creating a relaxed space.

Choosing a Coworking Space

When choosing a coworking space, it’s essential to determine what you are seeking in a work environment. Workers seeking community and collaboration may thrive in a space like WeWork. On the other hand, a professional seeking a space to handle major clients and organize their business may prefer the prestigious environment that Bevmax has to offer.

Each person will have different preferences for a workspace, so it’s important to decide for yourself whether Bevmax Office Spaces or WeWork is best for you and your industry.

Concluding Thoughts

There are significant differences between Bevmax Office Spaces and WeWork. Each professional may have different preferences when it comes to what they seek in a coworking space. By learning about the differences between these coworking spaces, you can choose a suitable working environment for your specific needs. Bevmax Office Spaces are unique when it comes to the prestigious services and professionally focused work atmosphere. The Bevmax spaces are specially designed to promote productivity and a high-class environment for professionals to work.