How Much Space Do I Need When Renting an Executive Office?

No matter what the industry, small business owners face the same challenges. These challenges include calculating how much space is needed when renting an executive office to ensure you have an appropriate workspace. If you need to expand your current space or move to a new facility, there are some things that you need to consider to determine just how much space you will need when renting an executive office. 

What Are Your Needs?

The very first thing you must do is figure out exactly what you need in an executive office space. There are no specific rules or formulas to calculate exactly what you will need. However, the general rule is that you need 100 square feet per employee and 175 to 200 square feet for leadership and executive positions. However, you must also consider the industry you’re in and the workplace culture. For example, if you own a software startup, you’ll need a lot less space than someone that owns or works in an industry that uses large equipment.

Most companies choose an open-style layout, which has advantages and disadvantages. This layout means that everyone is easily accessible, so team cohesion is encouraged. On the other hand, it’s difficult for some employees because they need more private areas to meet their goals.

Also, if you meet with clients/customers, partners, vendors, or accept packages, you’ll need a reception area to separate the workforce from outside distractions. Most of the time, open layouts do not include this.

Find the Space that Fits your Needs

Now that you know what you need, it’s time to start looking for a space that meets the needs of your executive office. This, of course, is going to take some time. However, at Bevmax Offices, we might have exactly what you’re looking for. We would love to help you get set up in one of our workspaces.

Tips for Finding the Perfect Space for Your Business

There are a few things you should keep in mind when you start looking around for an executive office to rent. We’ll go over some of those below:

You don’t need as much space as you think

You don’t need as much space as you think you need when renting an executive office. The amount of space you will need depends on how many employees you have or plan to hire. If you plan to hire more executive-level employees, you may need larger, more private spaces. On the other hand, if you add general employees, you may only need up to 150 square feet per person.

Consider Ways to Save Space

Break rooms, parking areas, kitchens, and meeting rooms don’t necessarily have to take up square footage of your space. However, there must be a thoughtful alternative in place. Consider allowing employees to use shared spaces, take small meetings off-site, use shared kitchens, and use public transportation. These are all things to consider when looking for an executive office to rent.


You need less space than you think you do when renting an executive office. Between 150 and 200 square feet is ideal per person in an executive office. If you are looking for an executive office to rent, but you don’t want to start big, consider renting space at one of Bevmax Office’s four great locations. You can contact us today to book a tour, and we can show you how our spaces can work for your business. You can bring your whole team with you, and we can get you up and running right away.