Is it Worth Spending More on an Office with a View?

When you are looking at renting an office space, you might want to consider whether it has a view or not. In some cases, an office with a view will cost more than one that does not. This brings up the question: is it worth spending more on an office with a view? Of course, the answer is yes, it is definitely worth spending more on an office with a view.

Now, read on to learn about why it is worth spending more on an office with a view.

Why it’s Worth it

Think about it: how do you feel when gazing at a seascape or valley? Most people experience a feeling of calmness and inspiration. Some experts believe that this is due to our history as hunter-gatherers. Due to our desire for comfort and safety, we enjoy sheltered locations that allow us to view our surroundings. Grassy expanses in a park or sandy beaches give us a feeling of security because we can see what’s coming on the horizon.

One study in 2006 indicated that looking at landscapes tends to activate the pleasure centers in the brain. Therefore, renting an office with a view gives you a feeling of calmness and security, allowing you to focus on what needs to be done. This is something to keep in mind when considering an office space. It’s definitely worth the money to spend more on an office with a view so you can create a workspace that allows for clear thinking.

Better Mood = Improved Productivity

When you look at a natural landscape, you get a sense of calmness, which refreshes and recharges your mind. During work, it’s important to take at least one break from the daily stresses, such as constant emails, phone calls, projects, etc. It’s even better if that break includes looking at the scenery outside. This break can improve your productivity and help you center yourself during your workday.

One study of call center employees indicated that those who worked near an exterior window earned $3,000 more than those who did not. Therefore, though you may spend more to rent an office with a view, you also boost your mood, improve your productivity, and make more money.

Another study revealed that those who work in an office with a view and have desks near windows with lots of natural light get more sleep at night, with an average of 46 more minutes than those who do not work near windows. Natural light regulates your serotonin levels and keeps you mentally balanced so you get better sleep.

The Appeal of Nature

At Bevmax Office, we have 68 fully furnished office spaces of various sizes and shapes to fit your needs. We can provide private offices, executive suites, co-working spaces, team meeting rooms, and conference rooms. You can rent, lease, or sublease these spaces.

Our incredible office space proves that urban workers can still enjoy the benefits of working in an office with a view. Of course, if you choose to work in one of our offices with limited windows, you can still bring the natural world into the space. Hang up paintings of the countryside or a seascape- or get some nature photos and hang them on the walls. When you have some reminder of nature, it can put you at ease. Another option is to get an aquarium so that you can watch the fish swimming around—anything to give your eyes something else to look at besides work.


When you consider office space, you want one that allows you to be productive without feeling stressed. An office with a view can help you do that. Studies show that when workers can take a break from the stress of work by looking out into nature, their overall productivity is boosted. Overall, is it worth spending more on an office with a view? Absolutely! This is a situation where spending more can help you make more. When you can enjoy where you are working, you’re more likely to want to work. Schedule a tour to visit one of our locations to see what we can do to help you.