What Should I Look for When Renting a Conference Room?

Whether you are a business owner or a remote worker, there may be a time when you need to gather a group of people for a meeting, presentation, pitch, or more. After all, even in today’s world of remote connections, some things are better in person. The problem is, even if you work for a corporation, they may not have a physical conference room that you can use. Therefore, you’ll need to rent one.

Below, we’ll look at what you should look for when renting a conference room.

Easily Accessible and Affordably Priced

When renting a conference room, you want to make it easily accessible. At a place like Bevmax Office, you’ll find that we take accessibility to account at all our locations. We have four locations across New York, and you’re sure to find one that fits your accessibility needs. After all, when it comes to real estate, location is the main thing that matters. Placing such value on an address may seem crazy, but this can also make a difference, depending on the type of meeting you are having and who is coming.

In addition to location, there are issues of physical accessibility for the disabled. If there are multiple floors, the elevators should be in working order. There should be ramps if any stairs go into or throughout the buildings.

Finances matter too, and your budget will be one of the determining factors when it comes to deciding on where to rent a conference room. Bevmax Office can provide a conference room that is affordable while providing everything you are looking for when renting a space for your in-person meetings.

Essential Amenities & Equipment

Another thing you need to look at when renting a conference room is whether or not it is equipped with all the equipment and amenities you need for your meeting. Does the space offer video conference tools for those that cannot physically be present? Is all the equipment working properly?

Of course, this should all be determined ahead of time before you sign the lease agreement. The last thing you want to happen is to be stuck dealing with technical difficulties when trying to get a meeting started.

Therefore, take the time to check the equipment. Test the connection, make some test calls, and do anything else you need to do to ensure that your meeting will not have any glitches.

If you are hosting a longer event, find out if you can have catering or snacks brought into the conference room or if there’s a nearby restaurant that attendees can go to. 

Supportive Staff Available

The behavior of the office staff and their communication skills can be a sign of how things will go during your experience when renting a conference room.

Is the staff willing to be accommodating by providing signage for your guests and making any necessary adjustments to the amenities to fit your event?

Is the front office staff friendly and professional? If they are rude or argumentative, this will give a poor impression on the venue itself, but it may also reflect poorly on you since you are the one that chose the venue.


One of the things to keep in mind is that business gatherings are typically private, especially if you are meeting with a potential new hire, the company’s owners, shareholders, or clients. Therefore, privacy is essential when renting a conference room. Ensure that the conference room is separate from the remainder of the office so that you don’t have to worry about your meeting being overheard.

A Co-Working Space is a Viable Option

Co-working spaces are becoming increasingly popular, and most of the time, they offer conference rooms as part of the package. A co-working space provides the amenities and ambiance that meshes well with the work culture of most of the modern shoestring budget startups.We have everything you need at any of our four Bevmax Office co-working locations. Contact us today to book a tour and learn about everything we offer. We have four convenient locations and many amenities that can suit any of your business needs. After all, finding the right conference room is about finding the balance between your budget and what you need.   If you are a remote worker or a business owner, you will likely need to host a meeting, conference, presentation, or otherwise need to gather people and rent a conference room. Bevmax Office is a great option.