Working in Columbus Circle

Recently, we opened a new floor at our 5 Columbus Circle building. If you are interested in working in this location, here are a few interesting things to do nearby. We look forward to seeing you there! 

Columbus Circle is the ideal point in the city to see some of the major museums, live music venues, shopping, performing arts, parks, and so much more. You can visit the Museum of Arts and Design to revel in the 1960s nostalgia of the area and visit Carnegie Hall for a live music event. You can also take a walk-through Central Park or visit the Lincoln Center to see performances of the New York City Ballet or the Metropolitan Opera. 

So Much to Do 

If you are working in our new Columbus Circle location, you may want to find something to do when you take a break or when your workday is over. There is so much to do here; it’s hard to choose just a few. However, we’ve chosen a few of the most popular venues and events to feature in this article. 

Metropolitan Museum of Art 

Metropolitan Museum of Art, or “The Met,” is the most popular museum and attraction in New York City. You will find more than 5,000 years of art from around the world, and this museum is a source of insight, understanding, and inspiration. You’ll want to make sure you have several hours to spend learning, playing, connecting, escaping, discovering, and dreaming when you plan your visit to The Met.

Cleopatra’s Needle 

Cleopatra’s Needle is located West of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. This is a 220-ton monolith, a single piece of stone carved from granite found in quarries of Aswan. It’s one of two pieces commissioned by Pharaoh Thutmose III near what we now know as Cairo. It is an obelisk, which scholars believe is representative of immortality and eternity. They serve to connect the heavens and earth. 

In Food We Trust Culinary Tours 

There is no shortage of options in New York City when it comes to food. There are hundreds of cuisines, thousands of restaurants, and millions of dishes. It can be easy to get overwhelmed. However, In Food We Trust Culinary Tours can help. They offer an array of culinary productions, food events, and even curated tours. They always make sure that you are satisfied but want to come back for more. They always have something going on; check out their website to see current happenings. 

Shakespeare Garden 

Shakespeare Garden is hidden on a hillside below Belvedere Castle. This four-acre space is reminiscent of an English garden, filled with herbs, trees, flowers, and shrubs mentioned in William Shakespeare’s poems and plays. You’ll find bronze plaques with quotes from Shakespeare scattered throughout the park. Delacorte Theater is nearby, which is where the Public Theater does their performances of Shakespeare in the Park- but the garden has been around a lot longer than the theater. This is a great place to go and get away from the hustle and bustle of work and relax. 

American Museum of Natural History 

The American Museum of Natural History is one of the most distinguished cultural and scientific institutions in the entire world. It was founded in 1869 and, since that time, has advanced its mission to learn, interpret, and share information about various cultures, the natural world, and even the universe through a variety of exhibitions, research, and educational programs. The museum is well known for its collections and exhibitions that serve as a guide to the planet and the cultures around the world. 

Monuments in Central Park 

There are lots of monuments in and near Central Park in NYC. These include: 

  • Strawberry Fields, John Lennon Memorial 
  • Hans Christen Andersen Statue 
  • Alice in Wonderland Statue 
  • Monumento General José de San Martín
  • William Tecumseh Sherman Monument 
  • Group of Bears Statue 
  • Christopher Columbus Monument 
  • King Jagiello Monument

You can spend some time just wandering the park and visiting these statues. 


As you can see, there is plenty to do in NYC near our new location. Contact us today to book a tour of our Columbus Circle location. We would love to show you everything we have to offer to ensure that you have a productive workday.