Freelancing and Co-working: A Perfect Match!

If you’re a freelancer (whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been at it for some time), you’re familiar with the term “co-working space.” After all, they have been a buzzword in the entrepreneurial community for several years now. When you are just starting as a freelancer, the thought of working from home is exciting. You can work in your pajamas because you don’t have to go anywhere. 

However, at some point, you realize that as your business grows, perhaps having business meetings at your local coffee shop doesn’t necessarily reflect a professional image for your business. This is why so many freelancers are beginning to turn to co-working spaces for their business. 

This increased popularity of co-working spaces for freelancers has exploded because it gives them a solution to their problems. In fact, with the increasing prominence of co-working spaces, the traditional work culture is quickly transforming. 

5 Reasons Co-Working Spaces for Freelancers are Ideal

If you are a freelancer or thinking about getting into freelancing, you need to understand the importance of co-working spaces for freelancers. We’ll be discussing each of these below: 

Productivity is Improved

The first reason co-working spaces for freelancers are ideal is because it improves productivity. Instead of sitting back in your bed or on your couch to work, going to a co-working space will boost productivity. After all, working from home can sometimes be demotivating because of all the distractions. However, this shouldn’t keep your business from growing. 

Co-working spaces offer an exciting, professional environment to improve your productivity and performance. Freelancers who spend time in co-working environments report that they see consistent improvements in productivity. 

Cost-effective Solution

While it may not seem so, co-working spaces for freelancers are a cost-effective solution. 

You don’t have to rent a space when you work from home, but at some point, working from home will change, and your output will be affected. There are so many distractions and disturbances that concentrating can be challenging. Ultimately, the quality of your work will be degraded, and your business may even stagnate. Therefore, it just makes sense to rent a co-working space. 

Networking Opportunities 

The third reason co-working spaces for freelancers are ideal is for all of the networking opportunities offered. There are others there that you can interact with and share your products/services. This will allow you to increase your customer base and possibly even see where improvements can be made in your product/service. If you wish, you can even build professional relationships with your co-workers by hosting workshops. 

Morale is Improved 

The fourth reason co-working spaces for freelancers are ideal is that they result in improved morale. Working from home can be lonely and, as we mentioned, demotivating. However, when you are around others working hard and being productive, it improves your morale. Therefore, co-working spaces offer exceptional business value to freelancers. 

Increases Business Growth

The fifth and final reason co-working spaces for freelancers are ideal is because they can increase business growth. After all, a co-working space provides freelancers with professionalism that is not available when you’re working from home. When you set up in a co-working space, you have access to reception staff, meeting rooms, a commercial address, and more to create a professional appearance. While it may not necessarily be warranted, clients are much more likely to work with freelancers when you have these things than when you don’t. 


While it’s true that working from home is exciting, to begin with, it can quickly become a hassle. It can be hard to focus, and eventually, you need to consider a co-working space.
Co-working spaces for freelancers are a great idea for various reasons, as you can see. If you are a freelancer in New York and are interested in getting into a co-working space, contact Bevmax Office today. We have several great locations across the city and great amenities in each location. We would love to give you a tour and explain all we can offer you.