What are the Benefits of Flexible Office Space?

We’ve seen more people using the word “co-working,” but it’s so much more than just a buzzword in recent years. More and more companies are shifting to using flexible office spaces or co-working spaces to save time and money. 

Many established businesses immediately reject the idea of flexible office space, but the truth is that these spaces are not just for startups anymore. There are many benefits that flexible office spaces can offer for any business. 

Whether it’s flexibility or the opportunities they bring, flexible office space is a forward-thinking option that can be a positive move for your company. It’s important to stop looking at the disadvantages and start focusing on the advantages offered by flexible office space. Below are several reasons why many companies are starting to jump into this type of office space. 

What is Flexible Office Space? 

“Flexible work” describes a business outside of the traditional 9 to 5, and it allows employees to set their hours. Flexible office spaces have open central spaces that can be joined and used. 

Benefits of Flexible Office Space

Below, we will look at 11 reasons flexible office space is becoming so popular. 

No fixed contract

These days, we are working under so much uncertainty, so flexible office space is a good solution. It gives you a place to work without a fixed contract, which means you are free to make changes and even move if needed. A traditional office lease typically requires a 12-month or more commitment. 

May Boost Productivity

Most of the time, flexible office space is ultra-modern. There are co-working spaces that allow collaboration and communication. This means that your team will likely be more productive and creative. After all, there’s not much more powerful for a business than team brainstorming. 

Lower Costs

Typically, flexible office space is rented on a “pay-as-you-go” basis based on how many desks you use. This helps to minimize costs. You won’t be overpaying or underpaying; you will be paying a price that fits you. Plus, you can add or remove desks from your plan as needed. 

Always Room to Grow/Change

When you use flexible office space, it’s easy to add additional offices or rooms to your plan. This is a great option because things are always quickly evolving, and your business may reach a point where you need to scale up or down. 

Networking Opportunities

Flexible office space is a great networking opportunity. After all, you never know who might be able to help with your business, and when you have a shared sense of community, it positively affects your productivity. 

Reduces Stress

Enrolling in a flexible office space is typically easy and straightforward, and best of all, stress-free. Since there are no admin switchovers, organizing bills, hiring a new receptionist, or anything else related to moving offices, you won’t have much hassle at all. Plus, flexible office space has zero operational costs. 

Modern Facilities 

Flexible office space offers state-of-the-art facilities. The typical work environment is fresh with a forward-thinking vibe. This type of set-up values employees as humans, so you’ll find that there are breakout rooms to recharge, sleep pods, meeting rooms, sports facilities, and more. 

Boosts Morale

A happy, healthy employee is a hard-working employee. The flexible office space lifestyle is about improving the well-being of your employees. When you have full trust and an honest, social, and open environment, you increase employee satisfaction.  

Better Talent Pool

Since the pandemic, the nature of offices has changed forever. More businesses are moving to flexible office space, and more people are looking for flexible companies. Some workers got a taste of flex work and found out they enjoyed it. So, if your company is looking for new staff, a flex work policy will attract a bigger, better talent pool of people who are already experienced in this. 

Develop New Ways of Thinking 

There are no contracts with flexible office space, so you are not tied down by a contract, which means that you are free to try new things without major risk. For example, you can test new team formation, determine which team members work best together, etc. You have the opportunity to develop new ways of thinking, and creativity is increased as your team collaborates. 

Have All You Need 

The best benefit of all, flexible office space offers everything you need to move in and get started right away. You don’t have to worry about furniture, phones, scanners, printers, etc. These are typically ready for you to access; all you need to do is book your space and show up. 

Book Your Tour Today 

At Bevmax Office Centers, we offer all of these benefits. We know that flex work is the new norm, so we offer flexible office spaces. While it’s true that there are benefits of having a fixed office space, flex space can set your business up for success. Schedule your tour today at one of our 4 convenient locations across the city: Tribeca, Plaza District, Upper West Side, and Columbus Circle.