Mastering Shared Spaces: Top Tips for an Unparalleled Office Experience

The shift towards shared office spaces is more than just a trend—it’s a response to the evolving needs of modern businesses. From freelancers to growing startups, the appeal of these spaces is undeniable. But how can you ensure that you get the most out of them? Let’s delve into some top tips for mastering shared office spaces and ensuring an unparalleled experience.

1. Understand the Etiquette of Co-working

Shared spaces thrive on respect and understanding:

  • Desk Decorum: Keep your desk tidy. A clutter-free space not only boosts productivity but also ensures you’re not encroaching on someone else’s space.
  • Quiet, Please: Keep phone conversations at a moderate volume or use phone booths if provided.
  • Respect Privacy: While collaboration is encouraged, always ask before diving into someone else’s conversation.

2. Engage in Networking Opportunities

  • Workshops & Events: Participate in events hosted by the workspace provider. They’re excellent opportunities to learn and network.
  • Coffee Breaks: Something as simple as a coffee break can lead to meaningful conversations. Engage with fellow professionals in the shared kitchen or lounge areas.

3. Personalize Your Workspace (Moderately)

While it’s essential to maintain a clean desk, a touch of personalization can make the space feel more ‘yours’. Think minimal:

  • A small plant
  • A calendar or planner
  • Personal mugs or reusable water bottles

4. Use Amenities Efficiently

Shared office spaces, especially premium ones like Bevmax Office Centers, offer a plethora of amenities:

  • Book in Advance: If you need a conference room or special equipment, book it ahead of time.
  • Stay Informed: Familiarize yourself with all the amenities offered, from high-speed internet to printing stations.

5. Stay Flexible and Adaptable

The essence of shared office spaces is flexibility:

  • Rotate Spaces: Don’t get stuck at one desk. Moving around can give you fresh perspectives.
  • Adjust Your Schedule: If the space gets too busy during certain hours, adjust your schedule to work during quieter times.

6. Immerse in the Community

Being a part of a shared office space means being part of a community:

  • Join Online Groups: Many shared spaces have online community groups. Join them to stay updated and engage in discussion.
  • Collaborate: Got a project? Look for potential collaborators within the community.

7. Stay Updated

Things change, and fast. Ensure you stay in the loop:

  • Newsletters & Boards: Regularly check community boards and subscribe to the workspace’s newsletter.
  • Feedback: If you have suggestions or feedback, communicate with the management. They’re always looking for ways to enhance the experience.

In conclusion, shared office spaces are more than just places to work. They’re dynamic environments that foster growth, collaboration, and innovation. By adhering to some of the tips mentioned above, you’re not just using the space; you’re mastering it.

Thinking of transitioning to a shared office space? Or maybe you’re already a part of one and seeking ways to enhance your experience? For more insights and tailored solutions, don’t hesitate to reach out. If you need more information, want to book a tour, or are looking for a quick quote, you can contact us at any time. Learn more about what Bevmax Office Centers can offer you at